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Center for Structural Studies (CSS)

The Center for Structural Studies (CSS) is a central scientific research and service facility of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science at the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf.

The CSS aims for scientific tasks within all areas of structure-supplying methods at an atomic level. The CSS provides all steps as full-service as well as access to our infrastructure and scientific support for the individual experiments of all members of the HHU and external users.

In particular:

  • X-ray diffraction analysis  and structure determination (MX) of proteins (in house and at synchrotrons)
  • Small-Angle-X-ray-Scattering-Analysis (SAXS) of proteins and all kinds of complexes thereof (at synchrotrons)
  • in house SAXS for small (anorganic or organic) molecules, colloidal particles and cross-linked microgels,
  • Molecular Modelling and Simulation for macro- and micromolecules
  • Proteins in Motion (visualisation of conformational changes, substrate binding and complex formation )

Further details, additional services and useful information can be found under „Services“ and „Sample Preparation“.


All users of the CSS must acknowledge the DFG in their publications:

"The Center for Structural Studies is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG Grant number 417919780)."

For X-ray diffraction data please mention also „INST 208/740-1 FUGG“ (X-ray diffractometer), for SAXS data „INST 208/761-1 FUGG“ (SAXS machine).


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